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As a youth, alas, I at times had to whore myself out animating commercials to make rent. I did what I had to do. Sometimes it made me feel gross and cheap inside but then I would step back and realize I was drawing for a living and that I was pretty lucky in that regard. However, selling crap was never my goal and eventually I realized it was not getting me any closer to my goal of working on films, so in 2005 I quit the commercial studio where I was working at the time, Wild Brain, and try to make a short film. I pitched a few light-hearted commercial concepts to  Chris Prynoski, who was just getting Titmouse started, and he encouraged me to make a film I really cared about. I dug deeper and came up with the idea for 'Pinched'.

Budweiser - Real American Heroes
Esurance - Let It Snow
Trials of the Poro
Honda - Viking
The Anna Nicole Show
Wonka - Sweet Tarts
Cap'n Crunch - Elephant
The Bratz
Esurance commercial
Russell Westbrook Jordan Brand MVP Animated Commercial
Capn' Crunch - Boardwalk
Capn' Crunch - Carnival
Capn' Crunch - School Play
Cap'n Crunch - Hawaii
Cap'n Crunch - Mountain
Set Spy
Spongebob Movie trailer
Oakwood - Hardhat
Oakwood Hospital - Old Ticker
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